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If you are looking for someplace to upload and manage the huge amount of data it takes to do a good job of turning your script into a remarkable film.
Then, I‘m sorry, but you‘ve come to the wrong place.
If you believe creativity and ( not paper pushing) is the key to a great film but know that organization is an absolute requirement to getting it made, then maybe we can help.
When we began preproduction for our film I was apalled at the process. You see, I make my living (day job) implementing workflow for shipping and manufacturing operations. That means I leverage the knowledge, skills, and human insights of everyone from physicians to dock workers to guide the process and automate everything else.
And I couldn't believe film makers were still doing so much on paper, or, even worse, emailing files around or uploading them to thinly disguised file folders.
Of course, anyone who has visited many indie sets knows that too much of the time the organization is so burdensome that, well, it doesn't happen. “It gets in the way of the creativity” But without it your film doesn’t turn out so good.
There has to be a better way!
Don’t worry, there is.
And I can make it happen for your film!